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Yahsar Haciyev

Position: Dosent

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences



Academician work



12.06.2017 – up to present


23.05.2008 – 2017  


2009 – 2013




  - 23.05.2008




1996 – 2009



2004 – 2008


2001 – present


1979 - 1996


Associated professor (docent) of Azerbaijan Oil and Industry University Baku, Azerbaijan    

Associated professor (docent) of University Caucasus, Baku, Azerbaijan    


Associated professor (docent) of Computer Sciences & Mathematics, Western University, Baku, Azerbaijan.


Visiting scholar to University of Denver, School of Engineering and Computer Sciences, Colorado, US.

JFDP Program of American COUNCILS for International Education.



Associated professor (docent) of Telecom and Radio-Engineering Faculty, Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU).


Director of Non-for-profit non-commerce ICT related research and training organization ‘Information Policy Analytical Center’.


Expert on Implementation of ICT applications in educational processes. 


Senior researcher, Institute of Physics, National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan.

Activity in  International programs

















2004– 2006



2001– 2006

Participated in JFDP program of American Councils for International Education of US Department of State. JFDP was devoted to international exchange of professors of East Europe and US universities; 


Participated in joint  UNDP and Ministry of Education  program “ICT for Education”;


-Country coordinator of ‘Porta Optica Study’ project on developing academic and research collaboration between universities of EU member and candidate countries on the base of Pan-European academician optical networks. Co-funded by the European Commission;


-Country coordinator of  ‘Open Net Initiative’, International project for promoting Global Civil Society Networks, funded by OSI Foundation;



-Country coordinator of  project ‘Monitoring of the Information Society in NIS countries’, European Commission contract no: 30-ce-0009814/00-41;


-Country coordinator of ‘Open lobal Internet Policy Imitative’(GIPI)  International program on integration of state-of-the-art ICT tools into country education and public systems. OSI, Markle Foundations and USAID;



trainings /courses


Dec 2007


















-‘American Higher Education system, university administrating, curriculum development’, at the University of Kansas (JFDP Program)


- ‘Open Society’ (Soros Foundation) certificated training course ‘Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team’ (NESsT). Tallinn-Moscow;       


-UNDP certificated training course in Estonian Academy of electronic-Governance;   


-Defense of dissertation work. Degree awarded  ‘Candidate of

physics-mathematics sciences’. Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan Academy of Science;


-Azerbaijan Academy of Science, Institute of Physics, Post-Graduate Studies;


-Moscow State University, BA and M.Sc. degrees in ‘Optoelectronics and Solid State Electronics’.       

Computer Skills


Advanced users. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook Express, PowerPoint, 

Access),  Assembler, Visual++, Corel Draw and etc.



 Fluent in Azeri, Russian, English and Turkish. Beginner in Germany